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And We’re Back

Please forgive my 5 day hiatus, dear readers, but blogging every day for an entire month is a more difficult undertaking than I might have initially expected. Suddenly I was no longer obligated to blog on a Sunday afternoon between doing laundry and preparing my church’s podcasts, so I didn’t. I was no longer obligated to blog on a Monday evening after work, so I didn’t. I wanted to play Runescape on Tuesday, so no blog.

Of course, this could easily turn into exactly where I was before NaBloPoMo, so I’ll try to get back in the swing of things. I’ll at least try to return to my New Year’s pledge of once a week.

So not much new for tonight other than to note that we have received our first snow of the winter, gracing us with a lovely 4″ that is throughly unexpected for Ohio at this time of year in my experience. I’m grateful though. Oddly the mere presence of snow has done wonders to lift my spirits and alleviate some of the persistent homesickness brought on by the changing of the seasons.

So I’m enjoying our blanket of white and doing somewhat better at ignoring the idiocy of 10 minutes worth of leading news coverage on the “snow storm” from last night, the drivers this morning who either drove way too slow or way too fast, and the joker who screeched down our street tonight belching fumes and burning rubber as he spun his wheels on the icy road the entire length of the street.

Last time I checked, the way it works is that you’re supposed to supply power below the coefficient of friction, otherwise you lose your grip. }sigh{ Another failure of the educational system.


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