Monday, Monday

November 12, 2007 at 10:34 pm Leave a comment

Monday is my night to work. Those of us in public service at the library who work at a location that’s open until 9:00 typically work one night each week. At the smaller locations that are open until 8:00 people typically work two nights a week.

Honestly, I’d take the two nights again to not have to work until 9:00.

You wouldn’t think that one hour would make a difference, but it does. That hour from 8-9 provides crucial wind-down time. If you get off at 9:00, you don’t get unwound until 10 or later, and then you can’t really get to bed until 11, which means you’re not asleep until 12, and then you have to get up at 6:00 the next morning despite the fact that you’ve gotten one less hour of sleep than normal.

It sucks.

Another danger of the 9:00 night is that you start at noon. This means that you think you can get all sorts of stuff done before work. That may be true, but you pay the price later when you start crashing around 6 because, well, aren’t you supposed to be off work now?

Today was a typical Monday. After getting the stepkid to school I took advantage of the late start to program the new automated bell-ringing system at the church, which took me right up to lunch. Then off to work, but unfortunately it was destined to be one of those “sit in front of the computer all afternoon trying to get work done by e-mail” days. Since I’m normally a fairly energetic person, those sorts of days just take it right out of me.

Then after dinner I get some public time, but since it’s Veteran’s Day everyone assumes we’re closed so the place is dead. So what do I do? Start moving the furniture, of course. Our circulation desk is impossible to work with under our new “let’s actually go talk to people instead of sitting behind a desk all day” customer service model. I’ve been trying to get it arranged better since June. But at least it looks we’ll get to remodel next year. In the meantime I’m moving computers and monitors and storage all over the place trying to make it accessible from both sides of the absolutely monolithic desk. Yeah, good luck with that one…

Now I’m back home and I’m tired but too keyed up to go to sleep and I’ve got a blog entry to write. So you, dear reader, get stuck listening to me complain about it.

Oddly, that makes me feel a little better.


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