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November 10, 2007 at 9:13 pm Leave a comment

Caterwauller apparently thinks I’ve gotten too serious lately and tagged me with the random quote meme. Okay, fine. Maybe I have. I guess I feel like I actually have to say something meaningful for NaBloPoMo, which if you think about it is pretty silly considering the name for a start.

I was going to try for a little more light-hearted piece until I read what I got tagged with, which apparently requires a response. So here’s what you have to do: take the book you’re currently reading, turn to page 161, and read the 5th sentence. Why that particular sentence? No idea. Maybe it’s to ensure that only books of more than 161 pages are included? After that you pass the task on to 5 other bloggers. Wait, do I know 5 bloggers…?

Like most people who work in a library, I’m reading three books right now. First the book that I actually want to be reading, The Savage Garden by Mark Mills. I’ve actually recommended the book to several people, including the entire city of Columbus, but have yet to finish it myself. Maybe I should stop blogging… Anyway, everyone’s said that it’s great, so apparently I’ve mastered the librarian’s trick of knowing enough about a book to recommend it without actually reading it. So, page 161, sentence 5: “I’m not screwing her, Harry.”

Hmm… better get reading on that one!

Next, the book I started reading when I didn’t have The Savage Garden with me at work: The Crime Writer by Gregg Hurwitz. Another promising book that I haven’t gotten to yet. ::sigh:: So, page 161, sentence 5: “But maybe he was also ordinary like the rest of us.” Not quite as good as the last one. Ah well.

Finally, what I’m reading before I go to bed and am too tired to read a normal book: Gotham Central: Dead Robin, a Batman graphic novel. I grew up as a Marvel kid, so the DC comics always throw me a bit. A friend orders these for me though, and I do enjoy the Vertigo imprint, which is a DC company. So I’m giving some DC a try. Thus far I only really like the Batman ones. So, page 161… well, there’s only one sentence on this page, but there are 5 frames, so I’ll give you the 5th frame: “…then my husband has died for nothing…” Good note to finish on.

So, on to my fellow bloggers: LARC, Guppybork, The Well-Dressed Librarian himself (maybe now he’ll start blogging again instead of typing resumes), and rather than bug some random blogger I’ll tag Cat back. I know it seems as though I’m one short, but LARC and Cat have two blogs, so it’s really six.

So there.


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